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School Profile

School Profile

Culver City Adult School (CCAS) was founded in 1954 by the Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) and was originally located on Elenda Street, adjacent to Culver City High School.  It is significant to note that Culver City formed its school district in 1949, only five years before the creation of the Adult School.  This demonstrates CCUSD’s long-standing dedication to the education and enrichment of its adult population. In 2003, the Adult School’s administrative offices and ABE and ASE programs were moved from the Elenda Campus to the Overland campus. In 2012, the ESL program joined the others programs at the Overland Campus because Culver Park Continuation High School was moved to the former Adult School site on the Elenda Campus. Today, CCAS’s administrative offices, as well as the ESL, ABE, and ASE programs are all located at 4909 Overland Avenue in Culver City, CA 90230, right next to the Julian Dixon LA County Library and in close proximity to a vibrant and revitalized downtown area.  The main phone number is 310-842-4300 and the website is

Culver City Adult School serves the adult population of Culver City and the immediate surrounding areas as one of the remaining adult schools in the area after statewide budget cuts in 2009 which shortly thereafter forced many agencies like ours to close. We believe that the restructuring of our departments to function as Professional Learning Communities, to align with English Language Proficiency Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards, and joining the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium to partner with local K-12 Adult and Community Colleges has preserved our importance to the community.

Our school is involved in fostering pathways for our learners to transition to next steps. With a recently coined motto of, “Fresh Starts. Second Chances. Bright Futures.” We are building our capacity to: serve all ESL Levels (from Literacy to Advanced/Level 5 and Citizenship); increase our Adult Basic Skills capacity especially in Math; become a HiSet Testing Center; develop new CTE Pathways to the workplace in collaboration with community partners. We serve Culver City Unified School District in a limited capacity as an option for high school students needing credit recovery. We are currently planning programs to better prepare adults for college and careers, and support district parents with English language, Math skills and parenting programs. We also have begun a "Spanish for the Workplace" series of classes, and plan to expand fee-based courses such as these, as well as activities and events for our students, families and community members.


Significantly, Culver City Adult School offers the Westside's most comprehensive summer enrichment program for children entering K-8th grade. Known as "Summer Enrichment 4 Kids," we provide a hybrid summer camp/summer school environment for children from 4-17, from 8am-6pm. Fun learning experiences include: Spanish, Japanese and Chinese languages, Sports, Cooking, Arts and more - all taught by a team of Culver City teachers and instructional support staff. Students entering high school are also offered opportunities to earn Service Learning hours by providing instructional support to teachers and students.