Recipe Winner

Here is the winning recipe voted by the class! We had a lot of great recipes, but in the end this lemon cheesecake from Alex Flores, ESL 2, won first place!
300 g ground cookie.
145 g melted butter.
Pinch of salt.
Melted butter then put the ground cookie and the pinch of salt in a container, and later mix all crust, then add pastry mold.
600 g cream cheese.
800 g condensed milk.
140 g lemon juice.
1 grated lemon.
In the blender put the cream cheese, mix for 1 minute, later put the lemon juice, the condensed milk and grated lemon and mix until smooth and creamy. Then add the cream in the pastry mold and finished. Put in the refrigerator for 4 hours.
Wash the strawberry and then cut, later put the sugar and lemon juice, let rest for 2 hours. So, when 2 hours have passed, put slow fire for 10 minutes, when the strawberries are soft, take out. The juice that remains in the container, must reduced for 10 minutes more, later put together with strawberry, and then put to cool and enjoy!