ESL Virtual Distance Learning

Name of the class: ESL Virtual Distance Learning Levels 1-3, 4-6

Start Date: Monday, February 26, 2024

End Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024

All registration is done in person, so please come to the Culver City Adult School between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm. 

What is Independent Learning? 

Students complete the course on their OWN SCHEDULE. No in-person classes are required. Students will be completing work in their Burlington English online textbooks. Additional assignments and discussions will be available online through a learning platform called Canvas.

Students will have an opportunity to meet with the teacher for 30 minute individualized instruction and will also have an opportunity to practice conversation with their classmates in a 1hr long Zoom online class once a week. 


This course is a self-paced online curriculum that prepares beginning-low to advanced level English Language Learners to successfully gain more everyday English fluency within a flexible modality.

In each chapter of the online course, students will engage in competency-based activities addressing six language skills: reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and pronunciation in a real-life context. Lessons include oral and written material, first language support as needed, one-on-one instructor conferences once a week, and a variety of multimedia and visuals to supplement the learning experience. These will also include live and recorded sessions. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in an optional weekly community conversation class.


Required: Weekly Check-In

Students are required to attend weekly face-to-face office hours with the teacher (choice of virtual or in-person). 

Optional: Conversation Mixer

Students from all levels (4-6) will meet for an online conversation practice once a week.

Assignment Completion

1 Lesson completed = 3 hours of attendance. You can complete up to 3 hours a day. Students are recommended to complete 1 to maximum 3 lessons per week.

  • 1 Lesson includes:

    • Assignment comprehension checks completed in CANVAS (website)

    • Lesson activities completed in BURLINGTON ENGLISH (website)

Every Chapter Test requires instructor approval. Please email your teacher once you have completed all lessons in BE and all assignments in Canvas to set the test date.

To successfully complete the course, a grade of 85% and above is required.

If you are inactive for a month or more, you may be dropped from the class to accommodate students on the waitlist.