SE4K Questions

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Will this program be in person (on site) or online this year? 


Can my child get school credit? 


What are the classes like? 

They are enrichment classes, meaning, they are not “homework help,” “graded, “tutorial” or designed as a review of K-12 curriculum. All subjects are integrated with arts curriculum, and designed to be social opportunities (more of a camp-like atmosphere), but with an emphasis on academic enrichment. Our motto is: safe, fun and you get to learn something too!

Can my children still attend if we live outside Culver City?


Where will the on site program be happening?

For Summer 2024 - Farragut Elementary School and Culver City Middle School.

May I attend the class with my child? 


May I walk my student to class and sit with them until class starts?


Can my child sign up for both AM & PM on site?


Is there a food service?

No, except in our extended Care program.  Extended care does provide snacks for the children. 

What is the student to teacher ratio for SE4K?


Is there after care?

A child can potentially be with us from 8:00am to 6pm.  This includes:

  • Morning class

  • A supervised BYO lunchtime (no fee)

  • Afternoon class

  • Extended care 3:00-6:00

What is the age minimum and maximum?

Minimum age is 4, maximum is entering 8th grade (13/14).

Can my (entering or current) Culver City High school student help out for service learning/community service? 

Absolutely!  Please contact CCHS Counselor for application.

What are the classes like?

They are filled with arts, and fun activities, around the academic subjects; it is like a mix of camp and school more than a traditional “summer school.”

Will there be homework?


How are the grades arranged: 

We have options for K-8.

Can I get a refund if we decide not to do this?

Please check our website for our refund policies; up to a certain point refunds are possible, minus a transaction fee. 

Do you have any scholarships or financial aid available? 

Unfortunately, we do not. 

Does my student have to attend the same class every day?

The student should attend the class they are registered for. Schedules are two classes per day for three weeks.

How much does the program cost?

$450/per class per child

$300 per student per term for extended fun

Who is teaching the classes? 

Teachers apply through an application process overseen by SE4K administration. Then the hired applicants are processed through CCUSD Human Resources Dept. 

What does the before and after care look like? Does it include additional enrichment activities?

 There is only after care (extended care) with no morning care service. It will include some activities, a snack, and games played as opposed to the structured curriculum in enrichment classes.

Where do I register my student for this program? under fee based programs

Is there a deadline to register? 

Registration is open as long as there is availability within the class.

Is there a discount for enrolling multiple students?

No, the fee is $450 per class per child.

Will my student receive a certificate for completing the program? 


Do you have a TAX ID number for this program?

Yes, please check the top right corner of your SE4K invoice.

*Please note, answers to these questions are subject to change on a yearly basis.